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Posted on April 1, 2015 in Art, Art Mediums, Layouts, Lindy's Stamp Gang

Sherry frame

Hi, my name is Sherry Bienert and I am addicted to stencils, it
has been 2 days since I last indulged! LOL but seriously who else is
addicted to stencils? (hand raised!) Limor's store is FILLED with so many yummy


Today, I will be showing a few ways to use stencils with different

mediums to create texture on a layout. So sit back and relax or feel
free to pull out some crafty goodies and follow along:) full supply
list will follow:)

unnamed-6 unnamed-9

When I create a textured, layered layout, I always adhered my 12x12
patterned paper to a piece of heavy chipboard! (TIP: Adhering paper to
the chipboard will allow the paper to withstand the layers and make
for easier display once your project is complete.) I used my 'rugged
edge' stamp and embossed along the bottom and lower right edge of my
layout using a versmark stamp pad and white embossing powder. Make
sure to heat set and allow to cool.

unnamed-6 unnamed-9

I first used the 'find balance' stencil and two tones of fluid
chalk ink. Using one hand to firmly hold the stencil in place I
blended each flower petal from one chalk ink color into the second.
(TIP: this is to create variation and dimension into the flower. I
used to darker color towards the bottom of the petal and lighter
towards the ends) Keeping the stencil in the same place I used another
'rugged edge' stamp and black ink and stamped a few images through the
stencil making sure to leave some empty spaces without stamped images!
Don't forget to clean your stencil!

unnamed-6 unnamed-9

Using another 'rugged edge' stamp with the versamark ink and Limor
Webber Designs Tres Chic 'Cafe au Lait' embossing powder by Lindy's
Stamp Gang. I created image impressions overlapping the stencil,
background and previous stamping. Return any unused powder to the jar
for future use. Heat set and allow to cool.

unnamed-6 unnamed-9

Using the 'anemone duo' stencil I applied gel medium (matte) to
create images of the flowers and stems overlapping the previous
stenciled 'find balance' image. (TIP: keep in mind where your
photograph will be positioned so that you aren't covering your
stenciled images. Decide how much of your stenciled images you want
peeking out!) Allow this to dry completely, I prefer to allow to air
dry over heat setting as this prevents any bubbling! You will know
it's dry when it's completely transparent! This will now resist any
sprays I will apply over them!

Take out two tones of blue spray, starting with the lighter color
spray more concentrated in the bottom right corner to less
concentrated as you move up and out towards the center, allow to dry.
Using the darker color, create splattered sprays by pushing on the
applicator with short bursts! Allow to dry. (TIP: for a full coverage,
even spray press firmly on the sprayer and make sure to push the
applicator all the way down. For a more sporadic, splattered effect
spray in short bursts, you don't need to push all the way down, almost
tap the applicator. Practice on a spare paper to see the different
techniques!) By allowing each color to dry between layers you are
keeping the colors from fully mixing together or creating a blend!

Using the silver spray I sprayed right over the 'blooms' of the gel
medium flowers, this will create some definition for the flowers.
Allow to dry.


To add a touch of visual balance, I took the tiny dots stencil and
dabbed one of the chalk inks I used in the beginning through the
stencil keeping it in the top left corner.

Sometimes when we look at a stencil we see it as a whole,
we miss the potential of sections of the stencil!
With the
top left corner of the layout I used the stems from the 'anemone duo'
stencil to create vertical lines for added texture and visual
interest. I used whipped spackle through the stems and allowed to dry.
My favorite thing about whipped spackle is how quickly it dries. I
applied Gelatos® from Faber-Castell Design
Memory Craft® in Black Licorice and
Silver(first black then silver) over the top of the stems. Then I
smudged them with my finger pulling the color out past the end of the
stem. This gives the illusion of a shaddow.


Now my FAVORITE part! Making and assembling layers!

First I matted my photo on card stock that coordinated with my
background paper measuring aprox 1/8"-1/4" larger then my photo.
Adhere photo centered on this piece. Using the Black Licorice
Gelatos® smudge it along all of the edges of
the photo matte with your finger. From this same paper fussy cut a
piece with texture that's aprox 2" wide and about 1/2" longer then the
matte photo. Use rub-on words along the right edge that will stick out
from behind the photo. Pop dot this piece so that it is peeking out
from the right side of the matted photo!


On a clear transparency, I applied whipped spackle through the tiny
mini dots stencil and allowed to dry (do not heat set this, as it will
warp the transparency). Then cut to be aproximately the same size as
your matted photo. This should leave you with a little bit extra to
use on top of your photo.

Adhere your transparency to your background using a liquid adhesive
that dried completely clear! Once this is dry draw around the
transparency square with Gelatos® in Black
and Silver (silver on top of the black) then smudge with your finger
dragging the color out from the corners. (TIP: by layering the two
colors one on top of the other you create a beautiful mixture of
colors when you smudge them.)


Using pop-dots adhere the matted photo piece staggered down and to
the right overlapping the transparency piece.

Apply some rub-ons on the background at the edges of the matted
photo. (TIP: rub-ons don't stick to embossing!!! For some reason this
seemed like common sense AFTER I tried it! But I still tried.)

With a leftover strip from the stenciled transparency, and clear
drying adhesive, I adhered it to the bottom right of photo.


Last, but definitely not least, I stenciled some tiny dots along
the white embossed bottom edge of the layout! The reason I did this
was to tone down the starkness of the white and tie it in to the
layout better.

BOOM! Layout complete!

Thanks for hanging out with me today. For more inspiration and
projects check out my blog


IndigoBlu-Limor Webber Designs "Rugged Edge" stamp

Lindy's Stamp Gang- Limor Webber Designs (sprays)
Time Travel Teal and Steel Shimmer

Lindy's Stamp Gang - Tres Chic Embossing Powder Cest La Vie Cerise and
Limor Webber Designs

Lindy's Stamp Gang - Tres Chic Embossing Powder Cafe
au Lait

7 Dots Studio- Dreamer Collection (#SDPP0008)

Donna Downey- 'find balance' Stencil (DD-046)

'anemone duo' stencil (DD-048)

Prima Marketing Inc-fluid chalk ink: attack dust and
shabby tote

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® textural accents - whipped spackle

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Gelatos® Black

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Gelatos® Silver

Golden- regular gel (matte)

Tim Holtz- remnant rubs- Apothocary and Words

Crafters Workshop- 6x6 Mini Tiny Circles Stencil


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